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Sankalp Door and Door Frame

Your door tells the story of your home. It is the threshold of new beginnings, happy homecomings and tearful goodbyes. It is the opening to your world, your story, your home. Tell the story of your home with Timber Eco Doors and let the world know you care for the world you live in and would like to pass on a Green and Safe Environment to the next generation.

 usg ceiling

USG Ceiling

Choosing the best ceiling for your project can make all the difference. With an unparalleled variety of choices, no matter what your ceiling needs, we have you covered.If you’re looking to turn your ceiling’s lighting, air vents and other utilities into a seamless design, we have the integrated systems that will transform your ceiling into a stunning ceiling visual.  

 aerocon panel

Aerocon Panels

An Aerocon panel is a sandwiched panel of two fiber-reinforced cement sheets enclosing a lightweight concrete core composed of Portland cement, binders and a mix of silicaceous and micaceous material aggregate. Aerocon panels are slim, lightweight wall panels that perfectly substitute plasterboard, plywood, particleboard and brickwalls because of their sheer strength. 

Why Choose Us

      • Experience of last 15 yrs in construction related products.
      • Products from best multinational & national brands.
      • Contracting taken under the supervisions trained from respective companies.
      • Work carried on with most advance laser assisted tools and latest machinery from reputed multinational brands.
      • Technical assistance from respective companies.

Our Expertise

Aerocon panels 90
Doors 95
Door and Door Frames 85
Turnkey 75